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Insomnia Cures - Is The Perfect Sleep Pad right for me?

Yes, The Perfect Sleep pad has been proven to mitigate insomnia. In comparison to other insomnia cures, The Perfect Sleep Pad is completely natural and does not require you to take any prescription or non-prescription medication to improve your length and quality of sleep. Some people are up between 10-15 times per night, typically due to fluctuating temperatures inside or outside the home, resulting in some level of insomnia.

Does it help with hot flashes?

Yes, this product is Doctor recommended to reduce the symptoms of a hot flash in both severity and duration.

Will the Perfect Sleep Pad automatically maintain the set temperature?

Yes, when the power is turned on, the Perfect Sleep Pad will return to the last set temperature.

Should I still use a mattress protector?

Yes, We recommend a mattress protector be placed between the mattress and the Perfect Sleep Pad to protect the mattress warranty. In rare cases (temperature differences of greater than 25F) the Perfect Sleep Pad can experience some condensation near the circulation tubes.

What are the power details?

The Perfect Sleep Pad uses up to 150 watts per control at peak and about 80 watts under normal use and works with common North American 110V power systems.

What should I do if I get an error code on my display panel?

Turn off and unplug the unit. Wait 15 minutes, turn the unit on, and reset preferred sleep temperature settings. If the issues persist, note error code, unplug control unit and contact customer service HERE.

Can I use the Perfect Sleep Pad with an adjustable bed?

Yes, it will work with an adjustable bed.

Will the Perfect Sleep Pad work on Visco/Memory foam beds?

Yes, Memory foam is comfortable but often considered to be very warm because Memory foam is a good insulator. and stores your excess  body heat .

The Perfect Sleep Pad will be very effective in cooling and maintaining your ideal temperature on the surface of the mattress and to maintain it all night long. Using a closed loop water cooled system that gently pulls the excess heat away from your body and into the water tubes, witch gets actively conditioned by the control unit.

What are the red dots to the right of the display screen?

These dots represent the load on the system. For example, one dot means the heating or cooling function is working lightly. Four dots represents full load on the system, for maximum heating or cooling. The system is designed to circulate the water continuously, but the cooling and heating ramps up or down as it is working to reach or maintain the set point. While maintaining the set point, there will likely be only 1 or 2 dots. Keeping plenty of ventilation around the unit will minimize the load on it.

How loud is the Perfect Sleep Pad?

Not very loud. The control unit is about as loud as a desktop computer fan (40dB, white noise so to speak). If you are concerned that The Perfect Sleep Pad is louder than other insomnia cures, don’t be, as it is one of the most quiet units available on today’s market.

What's the best temperature to sleep?

This varies. The one where you sleep the deepest and longest so you heal naturally and feel great. This is different for each person and often varies by night. Sleep studies show the ideal sleep temperature for optimal rest & recovery is 60-68ºF. But in all honestly it takes about 2-3 weeks to find that sweet spot that works for you, and as the seasons change so will your temperature.

Will the Perfect Sleep Pad work with a Tempur-Pedic or other memory foam mattress?

Yes, the Perfect Sleep Pad covering was designed to stretch at the same rate as the most common mattress. Memory Foam (Heat activated visco-elastic foam) will still provide the supportive benefit but is commonly known to hold heat which is why the Perfect Sleep Pad is ideal for cooling in this common mattress type. The Perfect Sleep Pad has the heating and cooling built into the mattress and uses memory foam for support.

Is the Perfect Sleep Pad Eco Friendly?

Yes, Perfect Sleep Pad is specially designed with high water absorbent, quick drying and mold resistance fiber to make it suitable for use in high moisture areas. It can be placed under your bed sheet. Compared to other insomnia cures, The Perfect Sleep Pad does not have any renewable components and can help cure insomnia without the use of medications.

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Sleep Well, Live Well.

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Sleep Well, Live Well.

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