Does more than the Chilipad

I had tried the Chilipad (Queen w/ dual zones and cubes) which was pretty much a complete failure. Sure, it did cool the mattress, but the fans in the cube were loud and the expelled too much heat for my small bedroom. I would wake up to a room that was 85 degrees. After chatting with their support team, they agreed my room was too small…but others I had talked to said their cubes didn’t put out any heat. I was going to return it and get another one, but good luck! Getting a Chilipad quickly is impossible. Amazon is always out of them and there’s a one month waiting period on the Chilipad web site.
So I decided to return the Chilipad and take a gamble on the Perfect Sleep Pad (“PSP”)…and I’m glad I did.
It actually does more than the Chilipad.
It has a timer that you can set. The Chilipad only turns off the cube after 10 hours. The PSP timer can be used to turn on AND off the units. So you can set it in the morning to come on around your bed time.
It has an “Auto Mode” that let you fall asleep to a cool mattress and gradually warm it up…and vice-versa.
The Perfect Sleep Pad is also a lot quieter than the Chilipad and I no longer hear sounds of a jet engine taking off in the middle of the night. It also doesn’t heat up my room.
The pump has a lower profile so it slides under the bed without any problem.
I also think the interface on the cooling pumps is nicer than the Chilipad. I like how you select a temperature and then press enter to lock it in and get a nice solid feed back sound.
Finally, the queen size/dual zone was $300 cheaper than the Chilipad and works just as well. I do need to set it 2 to 3 degrees lower than the Chilipad, but that’s because the PSP is a little thicker than the Chilipad and a bit more comfortable to lay on.
So that’s my review. If you were trying to decide which one to go with, I highly recommend the Perfect Sleep Pad…and you can probably get one this week. 🙂

Wonderful product – it really is perfect!

I absolutely love my perfect sleep pad! Sleep is the most important missing link for health, healing and longevity. I am sleeping better than I ever have in years! I am having dreams and not waking up as frequently during the night. I wake up refreshed and energized. I love this product and am very happy with this purchase. Thank you perfect sleep pad for a wonderful product – it really is perfect!


Literally only assistance for cooling (and I have tried them all)

Only product that works for cooling, use 2 for Queen/king So worth the money.
Smooth comfortable quiet, washable, never leaks, easy to clean and maintain and has remote control. customer service awesomeness,!
This works for warmth and cooling great for elderly or joint pain, Because you can wash it in machine and electronics are not near mattress, beats any electric blanket. Consider this, if your sleeping better your work and home life will improve and that extra time is priceless (ps I’ve used fabric cleaner on it and I’ve tossed it in the wash 4 times. Still perfect

Wanda P Morse

Night sweats no more

I’m skeptical about lots of product claims, but this is an absolute MUST if you get night sweats during hot flashes.

Five Stars

Perfect when my a/c is not sufficient on summer night


Life Saver

Helped tremendously with night sweats!


Simply Put: This thing works – amazingly well.

I rarely write reviews, but I’m impressed with this device and concept enough to post. We have had the dual unit (Queen size) for about two months. My wife has been suffering hot flashes and this has been a godsend for her

Works great. No sound lays flat on bed

I absolutely love it it’s the best thing I have ever bought. My side is cool my husband is hot .its easy to put together.

Patricia Connell

Thanks for a quality product!!

My sleep has improved drastically sleeping with the temp set in the 60’s F. No night sweats and I sleep like a rock!!
Thanks for a quality product!! There are other products on the market but this one was priced better and its built with quality. I am extremely happy.

Patricia Mikolainis

Game changer for quality sleep

I love this product, it’s unimaginable how I was able to function without it.
From the moment I bought my Perfect Sleep Pad a year ago, I knew I could never again be without it. I have had to endure many years of nightsweats and hot flashes. This product allows me to sleep at my “perfect” temperature, and I haven’t been bothered by them since. I absolutely love it! Worth every penny. A good nights sleep is priceless.


Viable alternative to Chilipad/Bedjet

I got this when there was a promotional discount and even when I had issues applying the discount the supplier promptly replied granting me a code to use thru purchasing on Amazon. The product itself has done wonders for me when sleeping as I am a hot sleeper and live in Texas where its humid and hot. I have not the tried the other competitors but for the price this item has definitely been a bargain


Great product, best deep sleep ever, temp control for both heat and cold sleep.

Great product, best deep sleep ever, temp control for both heat and cold sleep.

Steven Strickland

Sleeping is one of the most important things in our lives!

Sleeping is one of the most important things in our lives!

I’ve suffered from problems sleeping for years and I’ve tried just about everything I came across that I thought could help. I’ve spent a lot of money and I’ve also learned a lot over the years, researching and reading just about everything I could get my hands on trying to solve my problem. I’ve also learned to listen to my body and that’s helped me focus on the root causes.

There we’re two parts for me that when I figured out and when they come together properly, I was able to have deep, restful nights of sleep and do it consistently which for me has completely changed my life.

The first thing is shutting down my brain so that I’m not overthinking and can just dose off quickly. This part is more obvious and most people know to do this. It was the second part that took a while to figure out but when I did, it was a game-changer!

Next was temperature. I didn’t realize it right away but my body runs hot especially at night so having the right temperature was key to allowing me to fall asleep and stay asleep. They say the body should be around 68 degrees when sleeping which is hard to achieve without those 4 to 5 thousand dollar beds with cooling built-in.

Waking up 4 to 6 times a night and being restless was a regular thing for me. Having the air conditioner on every night is expensive and also doesn’t cool your body properly but I found myself resorting to this because it helped a little.

This is when I came across The Perfect Sleep Pad. This unit either cools or heats your bed. You can set it to specific temperatures and it uses circulating water that runs through a mattress topper sheet that’s hooked to a control unit. I like mine set at 60 degrees during the summer and I turn it on about a half-hour before I go to bed. It’s easy to operate, efficient and works perfectly. The build quality is top-notch and it also has a great warranty.

After answering all of my questions I met Henry at the warehouse so I could get my sleep pad right away and avoid the shipping wait times. After a quick install and setup, I was skeptical that I would sleep on the very first night but to my surprise, I slept well and only woke up once. That hadn’t happened in a while. Then it happened again the second night and so on. My sleep has consistently been improving and I find myself sleeping and feeling better and better as time goes on.

I don’t toss and turn from one side of my bed to the other anymore trying to find the cool spots and I usually fall asleep right away because I’m at the perfect temp and feel very comfortable. I wake up feeling rested and I have more than enough energy to make the most of my day. I even look and feel younger. Proper sleep is so important!

I’d imagine that as time goes on my body will continue to adapt and learn how to sleep again. Maybe there will come a time when I don’t have to use y Perfect Sleep Pad every night but for now, I couldn’t imagine not using it.

I’m grateful for this product and how it’s helping me sleep.

Jonnie Karan

I want to praise the perfect sleep pad

I want to praise the perfect sleep pad!

I want to praise the perfect sleep pad. I bought my pad in April 2018. I felt that I needed one because my husband is on blood thinners and gets cold very easily. It has been so nice being at a comfortable temperature all night long.  I also have 3 small dogs that sleep in the bed with us. I have one dog on either side, that means 102 degrees Fahrenheit on eat her side. Again the pad keeps me at a comfortable temperature. I would recommend this pad to anyone who has temperature problems keeping them from getting a good night’s sleep.

Gretchen Kottler

Thank you for this amazing product!

Thank you for this amazing product!

I have had 2 sleeps with the perfect pad and I have not woken up because of over heating.

I will tell all of my friends and anybody who will listen about how great that is. I am very pleased with how quiet it is as well.

Cathy Griggs

I have had my Perfect Sleep Pad for almost a month and can see a huge difference in my life!

I have had my Perfect Sleep Pad for almost a month and can see a huge difference in my life!

I am a 50-year-old Registered Nurse that HAD a sleeping problem. I am going through menopause and would be restless all night, rarely getting into restful REM stage deep sleep. I would get hot and sweaty, turn….throw a leg out, uncover, get cold…..turn and repeat all night long!! My friend recommended Perfect Sleep Pad!

I researched multiple similar products. The Perfect Sleep Pad won for multiple reasons! It requires less water than similar products. The temperature range is better. The Perfect Sleep Pad offers various sizes and dual side temperature control. The price point is an affordable investment. The reviews are top-notch! The inventor of the product is genuinely concerned with improving others health through better sleep. He is hands-on and readily available for any concerns and working on improving this already amazing product!

You may be concerned with the price of this product…..YOU are worth it! Invest in your health! I did! I have had my Perfect Sleep Pad for almost a month and can see a huge difference in my life! The first night I only woke up 2 times,  not 40 plus! I am well rested with more energy. During waking hours I am not overheating and getting sweaty (glistening) as often…..menopause sucks! Invest in your health and improve your sleep, you are worth every penny!

Holli Harter RN BSN

Deep Sleep On The Rise

I typically get under 3 hours of deep sleep a night… That was the most until… the Perfect Sleep Pad!

In April, I had 5 nights with deep sleep over 3 hours. That was the most until…the Perfect Sleep Pad!

Since getting my sleep pad 15 days ago…there has been 7 nights of deep sleep over 3 hours!

I have noticed a couple of things in around the nights that I do not get over 3 hours…

  1. Eating late…that has reduced my deep sleep.
  2. Head band…the timing has been important.

I tried doing the head band first for 30 minutes and staying awake for another 30 minutes while the sleeping pad was cooling down. This did not move the needle much with my deep sleep.

What moved the needle was cooling the sleep pad first for 30 minutes, then the head band for 30 minutes, and then straight to bed…that has been the magic formula that has helped with getting over 3 hours of deep sleep.

Mark Greenidge

The Perfect Sleep Pad Is Perfectly Awesome!

The Perfect Sleep Pad Is Perfectly Awesome!

I knew that I missed this unit from long ago but didn’t really realize how much. I’m seriously ecstatic to have it again. It just works so well, is so quiet and I love having my little window back to see the water level. It’s the simple things that makes life easier. I was constantly looking at the other brand of cooling machine for refilling then it would be empty in the middle of the night if I didn’t check. This is so so much better. It also is requiring a lot less water and at 70 to 73 degrees I’m comfortable whereas I had to keep pushing the other type of cooling machine down to 55 degrees to get cool enough even after doing deep clean several times.

On the Perfect Sleep Pad I love the new way the elastic is on the pad – it works so much better this way.

We’re looking forward to purchasing a second one and a few of the attachments!

Thanks for making my life easier and for believing in this unit – we will be customers for life!


Jean Velsor

If I need to buy another device, I would go with the Perfect Sleep Pad.

If I need to buy another device, I would go with the Perfect Sleep Pad.

I have both the Perfect Sleep Pad and the ChiliPad (ChiliTechnology). The Perfect Sleep Pad is quieter and has a lower profile which I prefer because it’s aesthetically pleasing and makes placement of unit easier.  While both devices provide sufficient cooling, the Perfect Sleep Pad has a greater temperature range and runs for up to 12 hours while the ChiliPad stops after 10 hours. The one plus for the ChiliPad is the length of the connecting hose – it’s longer which in certain situations could aid in placing the unit farther from the bed. It didn’t matter in our case so it’s not a significant factor.

And on a personal note, it’s great to sleep 7+ hours and feel very comfortable all night given that summertime in Texas, it’s often 85 degrees at 10PM.

I’ve not used the devices long enough to know if one lasts longer or has fewer mechanical or technical problems than the other but the price point of the Perfect Sleep Pad is such that if I need to buy another device, I would go with the Perfect Sleep Pad.

Doug Kelsey

The Chili cubes never worked as well as The Perfect Sleep Pad

The Chili cubes never worked as well as The Perfect Sleep Pad!

We were so excited to see The Perfect Sleeping Pad on sale online.  Many many years ago we bought a machine that was the first Chili/Pad. It was perfect for me as I have fibromyalgia and have body heat regulation problem along with severe hot flashes. It was perfect! It was comfortable to sleep on kept me cool when needed and and my husband warm in our king sized bed. We vowed to never be without something that worked so perfectly. The Perfect Sleep Pad is that machine with some great add-ons that will really help my back and the attachment for the head looks great for my headaches.

We had been purchasing the cubes after they discontinued the smaller compact unit. Our experience was unfortunately sad. At first it worked but took up a great deal of space and was very tall. It was much more difficult to keep clean and with no window on the side to check water level and cleanliness it became a hassle to have to open it up, add water every two or three days and lift it to the sink to fully empty and clean out. For a lot of people that may not mean much but when you have a busy schedule and/or chronic pain and fatigue it really begins to be a time consuming thing especially at night when you just want to drop in bed, cool down(or warm up) and go to sleep. We ended up purchasing another set I think within two years. The customer service was always great and they tried to work with us but I longed for the original cool/warm pad machine. I even tried to buy a few from them to keep but they no longer sold them. The cubes never worked as well as The Perfect Sleep Pad model. That model always kept me cooler constantly.

I always kept searching for another option when I came across The Perfect Sleep Pad!!! It looked like our old one that was such a workhorse with very little maintenance (when comparing the two). I was so glad to see that it was still around so I immediately bought one

Nikki Velsor

My wife would return me before returning the Perfect Sleep Pad!

My wife would return me before returning the Perfect Sleep Pad!

Simply Put: This thing works – amazingly well. I rarely write reviews, but I’m impressed with this device and concept enough to post. We have had the dual unit (Queen size) for about two months. My wife has been suffering hot flashes and this has been a godsend for her.
Without overly delving into the technical aspect in essence it functions like a miniature heat pump. It circulates water underneath your body and either extracts heat (when in cooling mode) or extracts cold (when in heating mode) – the water is then circulated to the machine that can either cool or heat the water just like your home heat pump does to freon.

The remote control works very well. When we retire to the bedroom for the evening we hit the “On” button on the remote and set the run time to 10 hours. While we are getting ready for bed the machine cools/heats the mattress surface and about 5 minutes later it is at the desired temperature. Ten hours later it shuts off (run time is adjustable from constant on, down to a couple of hours).

My wife and I are now sleeping through the night – at our on optimum sleep temperature. In my opinion the device does not make excessive noise. There is a fan in the control unit that discharges the heat (when in cooling mode or vice versa) and the sound is akin to a white noise machine. If you are bothered by the sound of a small fan, then you can purchase extension hoses from the manufacturer to place the unit further away from your ears. Personally, we like having a small fan on as it tends to mask other ambient noises.

The capillary tubes in the mattress pad are unnoticeable by us (just a fitted sheet over) do not feel any bumps or ridges – just the bliss of a chilled or heated bed sheet.

The one “negative” if you want to call it that, is the aesthetics of the set-up. While the machine controller is relatively small – it eats up a fair amount of real estate on our respective night stands. I plan to purchase the extension tubes from the manufacturer to extend the controller a bit to its own stand beside our existing night stand, that way the only thing on our night stand is the small remote which we keep in the night stand drawer. Keep in mind, just like your outside heat pump – the controller needs airflow to work so don’t enclose it where it can not exchange heat with the ambient air in the room – if you do then it will not be as efficient and may shut down to the inability to exchange heat/cool with the surrounding air.

Robert Standley

Less over heating and I feel more rested in the mornings

I logged my first week’s experience on the perfect sleep pad. In summary, I’ve discontinued the use of sleep aide medication and have noticed improvement in falling asleep. I’ve had a few nights where I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and was unable to fall back asleep. However, this was a significant reduction than my prior experiences without the sleep pad. I do have trouble falling back asleep once I wake up, but those instances are reduced greatly. The difficultly in falling back asleep is attributed to my mind racing, I have a hyper active mind (diagnosed). I’ve noticed sleep improvement across the board. Less over heating and I feel more rested in the mornings. My fiance can attest to these improvements as well in her personal experience as well.

Tosh Toyama

A good nights sleep is priceless

From the moment I bought my Perfect Sleep Pad a year ago, I knew I could never again be without it. I have had to endure many years of nightsweats and hot flashes. This product allows me to sleep at my “perfect” temperature, and I haven’t been bothered by them since. I absolutely love it! Worth every penny. A good nights sleep is priceless.

Patricia Mikolainis

The only heating and cooling sleep solution that truly works

I have spent the last year purchasing and sending back at least six different mattresses, all reviewed by various independent websites as having cooling properties. The frank matter is that all of these mattresses do indeed feel cool for a period of time, generally between 5-15 minutes, but after that, the fact that our bodies are at 98.6 degrees causes the cooling bed to begin to warm up. It’s just natural that our body temperature will prevent the mattress to stay cool for any period of time.

When I found The Perfect Sleep Pad recently, I thought that the logic of this device made complete sense, but after all of the aggravation with all of the beds that we returned, I could only hope that this was the answer to my night sweats and the hot flashes my wife suffered.

Unquestionably, this product does everything it is designed to do, and it does it in a well-designed, thoughtfully integrated system that is capable of holding a given temperature all night long. The unit offers the ability to clean the mattress pad, which also is a major plus. We found that using a cap full of hydrogen peroxide when filling the system with water kept the unit and the water that runs continuously during the night clean. We have also only used distilled water, and although it is suggested, not recommended, I think it would be wise to follow this plan of action.

I do not write reviews very often, but this is one product that I have not purchased one time, but I have purchased another for my second bedroom and additional units for my adult children because I am convinced that this is the only product currently on the market that does what it says it does and more.

As an aside, when I called customer service recently to ask a few additional questions about the unit, it turns out that I was called back by the inventor of the product. I was delighted to learn the back history of the development of the product and the fact that all of the work that was done on the product was based upon sound sleep technology which only added to my knowledge of the product, but also provided me additional understanding of how this product came to be.

While this product might not currently be as well-known as the Chili Pad, I can assure anyone that is trying to make a decision which one to purchase, I would without question purchase The Perfect Sleep Pad. The Chili Pad control unit is taller and the fan noise is not as soothing as the Perfect Sleep Pad. I also believe that the Perfect Sleep Pad is quieter. It also provides the ability to clean the fan exhaust, which will have some dust build up over time where the Chili Pad does not have this feature.

All in all, I am an effusive. multiple purchase buyer of what I feel is the best product for sleep available today. As this review is so positive, I want to make it clear that I only write reviews when a product is demonstrably awful to say away from or demonstrably fantastic, which is what I found with the Perfect Sleep Pad.

Sleep well!

Ed Schifman

It really has changed our lives

We, like many, are borderline obsessed with our sleep. After reading about the Perfect Sleep Pad we decided to give it a try. After 6 months, we cannot imagine sleeping without it. I love the weight and comfort of the duvet on my body, but would always remove it due to the heat. Now I wake up snuggled under the duvet with my body at the perfect temperature. The dual control is amazing as my wife sometimes likes to go to bed with heat, and then set to cold for the night. The unexpected bonus was the perfect amount of white noise the control units provide – it really has changed our lives! The downside is that now when we travel we miss it so much!

Patrick and Corrie

This was the first morning feeling this way in at least 10 years

I slept really well and I DID NOT SWEAT OR OVERHEAT AT ALL. I woke up feeling refreshed and not tired. This was the first morning feeling this way in at least 10 years, LITERALLY!

Try the Perfect Sleep Pad before they become dependent on medication

Anyone who has trouble sleeping, for any reason, needs to try the Perfect Sleep Pad before they become dependent on medication.

Join me in this drug free approach

My hot flashes started about 5 years before menopause. I tried everything… I was sweating and my husband freezing.
Nothing was beating my hot flashes until Perfect Sleep Pad. Now both my husband and I can sleep comfortably. Join me in this drug free approach.

I now sleep like a baby

I have always overheated in bed. The miracle of the Perfect Sleep Pad is that it gently draws the heat away from your body. I now sleep like a baby. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Every woman should be aware of your product

Every woman should be aware of your product before their doctor starts prescribing anti-depressants and, worse yet, hormones for hot flashes I have been plagued by night sweats for over a decade, but since getting my Perfect Sleep Pad, my night sweats are gone.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is a Godsend for me

The Perfect Sleep Pad is a Godsend for me.

Nic Lamb, Professional Surfer

I found it extremely comfortable

My apartment gets very cold in the winter, especially at night, so I’ve been wanting an alternative to an electric mattress when I sleep, because using electricity doesn’t feel very safe. So when I heard about the Perfect Sleep Pad, I was interested in trying it. I think using heated water is a great idea! At first, it took me a little getting used to, but once I figured out how to use it, and the temperature that worked for me, I found it extremely comfortable. I’m really glad to have this mattress, and definitely recommend it. I’m looking forward to trying the cold water setting in summer, too!


It’s pretty fantastic

I’ve received the following from my daughter about her experience with her Perfect Sleep Pad:

“By the way, I’ve used the mattress for the past week or so and it’s pretty fantastic. I figured out how to make it warmer. It’s super nice, and I don’t feel weird or unsafe about using it, unlike my electric pad. xD”

Wendy Johnson

I have had the perfect sleep pad

I have had the perfect sleep pad (formerly known as the chili pad) for approximately 6 years and I absolutely love it.  I am a a 53 year old female lawyer who started having hot flashes years ago.  I discovered that my new mattress added to my hot flashes because the new technology of mattresses today result in a lack of breathability and ultimately a very hot bed. My husband was miserable because I had my air conditioning set ridiculously low and my ceiling fan on and he was freezing.  I researched solutions and stumbled on this product.  It seemed expensive but if I could get a good night sleep, it would be worth every penny. I work long hours, have 4 kids and lack of sleep was seriously interfering with my life.   For the past 6 years, I have slept like I did in my youth. I love being under covers so I set the unit very cold and I can cover up.  I have never used my ceiling fan again and my air conditioning bills have lowered more than the cost of the unit over 6 years.  My husband has used the unit to heat his side of the bed since he is the extreme opposite of me. We don’t find the unit loud and have come to enjoy the white noise of the quiet fan.  I have recommended this unit to my friends and colleagues, all of whom have purchased it and love it. My one friend opted for a bedjet and ended up selling it on eBay after trying my perfect sleep pad.   I cannot recommend it strongly enough.  It has been a life saver for me and although people say that is a dramatic statement, lack of sleep is one of the most disruptive factors in a person’s physical and mental well being.  What I tell everyone is this : try it! You have a money back guarantee.  I have not known one person to return it!


Perfect Sleep Pad

I have been using my Perfect Sleep Pad (it was actually sold under the name ChiliPad when I bought it) every summer since I purchased it in June 2013.  I don’t use it in the winter (Canadian winters mean that I simply don’t have any real need for it), but I love that it keep me nice and cool in the summer.  Overall, it just provides a much better sleeping experience, and you absolutely don’t feel the tiny silicone tubes that cool you off. In addition, my wife and I no longer argue about the AC at night, and we can thus both sleep at the temperature we each like.
I was initially slightly disappointed when I first got my Perfect Sleep Pad, as I didn’t think it was providing sufficient cooling. However, within the first week of utilization, I realize that turning the unit on about one hour before going to bed and using a slightly thicker duvet (you need some form of insulation to keep the cool air within the bed) made all the difference. I actually had to raise the temperature by a few degrees on the control unit after that, as I was simply getting too cold.
Christian B.

Perfect, Cool Sleeps at Night

I have owned a Perfect Sleep Pad for approximately ten years – the same Sleep Pad for all those years. I know you’re supposed to do regular maintenance and cleaning of the tubes in the pad with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, but in actuality, I have been very lax in fulfilling that requirement. I think I’ve only done that once. Nonetheless, it has lasted this long and continued to deliver effective cooling power over this entire period of time.
I live in a condominium, and I originally bought the Perfect Sleep Pad because each year in the Spring and in the Fall there is a period of time when the air conditioning is not on in the building, but there are still some warm nights. I thought I could use the Sleep Pad during those transition periods. The reality is that once I started to use it, I never wanted to stop! I have literally used it almost every night since I first bought it. It just seems to make for a much more comfortable and restful sleep. I’m cool enough to get a good night’s sleep.
Over the years, I’ve read reviews of the Perfect Sleep Pad in various places. I’ve heard of two complaints: the sound of the fan and the brightness of the lights on the cooling unit. To be honest, I’ve never had any problem with either of those two issues. The fan is just a quiet neutral noise, and the lights are no more than you’re likely to have shining into your window from your neighbour’s home.
Now, I do want to say that the Perfect Sleep Pad is not for everybody. If you’re the kind of person who’s always cold, then obviously this product is not for you. Also, it can be really helpful if you and your spouse like to sleep at different temperatures. My wife doesn’t get as hot as me, so I have a Sleeping Pad that only covers my side of the bed – I can be cool on my side, while she can be warm on her side.
Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m writing this review at the request of a Perfect Sleep Pad employee. I was buying an additional Sleep Pad, and a Sleep Pad employee phoned me to find out how I had heard of their product. I told him I’d been using a Sleep Pad for years. I told him of my very happy experience with his product, and he asked me if I would be willing to offer my testimonial for this product. I am happy to do so!
If you want to enjoy pleasant, cool sleeps at night with a very reliable and durable product, the Perfect Sleep Pad is for you!


Very efficient

Very efficient. My wife has Cancer and suffering from strong hot puff during the night and this helps tremendously.


Five Stars

Perfect when my a/c is not sufficient on summer nights


Night sweats no more

I’m skeptical about lots of product claims, but this is an absolute MUST if you get night sweats during hot flashes.
The first two nights I was unimpressed and couldn’t feel cool. Because I didn’t fill the unit enough so it didn’t come on.
Note: this is not that quiet, but in time you’ll live with it. And don’t forget to sync the remote. I couldn’t understand why the remote said 60, but the unit displayed 78. I’ve stopped wondering.
OK: after powering on, this beautiful unit got COLD. I LOVE it. I freeze with it but i I’m very happy. I’ve started sleeping through the night. I’ve started dreaming again. I’m not scared to go to bed again worrying that I’ll get up several times to change.
I got the twin size as it was a bit pricey, but it’s adequate for me and I’m 5’7″, 225 lbs.
Do not suffer with night sweats any more.


Annoying sound, not bad, but needs some improvement

I bought this double unit to help us sleep better. The packaging was awesome, the pad, hoses and connections are surprisingly high quality.
The machines however have a cheap chinese feel to them.
The ironic thing is that this is supposed to make you sleep better, but then they put a bright blue light on top of the unit, which lights up the ceiling. I spent a lot of time upgrading all the bulbs in my house so I’m not looking at blue lights at night. So those blue (cooling indicator) lights are not welcome on my ceiling while i’m trying to sleep.
I could live with the above issues, but the real dealbreaker is the noise. The fans keep ramping up and down, based on cooling demand, and it’s impossible to get used to it. It doesn’t help that when you have two units running one will almost always be at a different speed than the other so they create a unique buzz every few minutes. very annoying.
The bottom line is that instead of sleeping better I slept a lot worse on most nights. I’m tracking my sleep with the Oura ring, so I’m not making that up.
One of the machines developed a problem where it thinks that it has no water in it, while it’s completely full. Have to unplug it to reset the machine and then it works ok.
These will eventually be great cooling/heating pads, but they need some improvement.

My first restful sleep in 10 years!

I have been researching a much needed solution to my overheated nights in bed for a few years now. I have not slept well due to overheating in my bed for years, literally. Nothing I tried really worked well. I sleep with a ceiling fan directly over my bed. I also sleep with only a thin, light bed sheet on top of me. In the summertime I also have the air conditioning in my bedroom on as well as the ceiling fan.

I have seen everything from Bed fans to a variety of cooling pads in stores and on the internet. The one common denominator was the high prices for these items; I didn’t want to purchase something that ultimately didn’t work for me.

I then came across The Sleep perfect Pad. I did my weeks worth of intense research online and the videos and read the testimonials for this product. What sold me was the 3 month (90 Day) money back guarantee, no questions asked.

The company was also offering an additional discount!. Sold!. I talked to the friendly sales dept. and they answered all my questions and concerns and then some!. Also they told me that if anything went wrong they would fix it directly at their factory in Toronto. BTW did I mention that they are a Canadian Company?.

I decided to go with the Queen Size Dual Zone Pad. It arrived the next day after ordering via UPS delivery. The assembly instructions are very easy to follow. If you are more visually inclined they have a wide range of videos on You tube you can view.

My first night I set the 2 units (The Queen System is Dual Zone (2 units) to 19° Celsius which is considered quiet cool. I also put my duvet on the bed to act as an insulator (you need to trap the cool air within the bed) if you do not do this you will not reach maximum effectiveness. I waited 30 mins after turning the units on so that I entered the bed with nice cool sheets.

I slept really well and I DID NOT SWEAT OR OVERHEAT AT ALL. I woke up feeling refreshed and not tired. This was the first morning feeling this way in at least 10 years, LITERALLY!

Throughout the night the controller cycles to work to keep your selected temperature at a constant. There is no click sound or anything that you would notice as this is happening except for the sound of the fan, which again is not very loud.

I woke up around 4am shivering and cold (I set the controller too low) so I adjusted the controller to 20° Celsius andwent back to bed. It was this slight adjustment that is my “sweet spot”  and it very comfortable for me. It may take the average person a few adjustments before you find your ideal temp… Remember this is a learning curve.

The way I would describe to anyone reading this review what its like to get into your bed using this sleep system is akin to getting into your bed on a cool crisp winters night where your bed is very cool. WONDERFUL!.

My first observations was: Wow the bed is actually very cool. The next thing I noticed was the low hum of the fan that cool with controller system that regulates the water to keep your Perfect Sleep pad Cool or Warm. Its not a disturbing sound at all, more like a low white noise sound…. I don’t mind this sound at all.

If you are someone that has to have complete silence when you sleep all I have to say to you is this: what is more important? A good nites sleep with some white noise sound (that you eventually will get used to? Or barely sleeping hot in your bed?.

There are a few annoyances: First off the remote (remotes if you have a dual system) do not come paired with the controller.

You have to go through an annoying and somewhat complicated pairing process. It can be finicky and may not pair the first time. The other annoyance I had was with the remote, it takes 2 AAA batteries that do not come with the controller. You would think the company would supply the buyer of this product with a couple of batteries, especially at this price point.

This brings me to the final annoyance and that is that its overly expensive, its an investment and in some cases will probably cost more then your actual mattress and box spring combination.

People may be wondering about the thin silicone tubing that makes up the inner surface of the sleep pad and if you can feel it while laying on the bed: as you are laying on the bed you DO NOT feel the tubing at all!. I’m a light sleeper so if I don’t notice the tubing neither will you, trust me.

However if you are sitting on the bed and lightly run your hand across the surface of the sleep pad you can feel the thin tubing. The thin medical-grade silicone tubing is very high quality and would take a great deal of stress and abuse to puncture this tubing…. in other words you wont break it.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to get a great night sleep. Its worth the money spent, I just wish that this product was available 10 years ago when I first needed it!.

Perfect Sleep Pad: What an amazing and incredible product that’s for sure!.


Peter B.

I love my Perfect Sleep Pad!

I’ve used a Chili Pad for 3 years straight, and while it was a pretty decent system, I have to say that the Perfect Sleep Pad is much better! The compact size and the smaller hoses are easy to disconnect and far superior. As well, the unit’s temperatures go way colder and hotter than my old Chili Pad. I’ve found that my sleep has improved even further while using the Perfect Sleep because it can cool my body temperature down faster while I’m asleep. I also love the water level indicator on the side! It’s great to see how clear the water is, and I don’t worry about running out in the middle of the night. The old Chili Pad would beep in the middle of the night and wake my whole family up. I love my Perfect Sleep Pad! I’ve recommended it to a ton of family and friends already.

Jordan D.

I’m enjoying my Perfect Sleep Pad.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying my Perfect Sleep Pad. My husband and I had been trying to figure out how to keep sharing blankets, but it just wasn’t working. In the winter in particular, he likes a big, heavy duvet, and it was just too warm for me. I liked to sleep with a layer of blankets, so I could put more on or take them off as I got warmer or colder during the night. That wasn’t exactly optimal for him. To be honest, it wasn’t great for me either. Almost every night, I found myself waking up several times to either shed layers or add them.

The Perfect Sleep Pad fixed all of that. Now, I don’t mind sharing a heavy duvet with my husband because I stay cool by setting the temperature I choose. I particularly like being able to turn the unit off and on, change the temperature, and set the operation time remotely, without getting out of bed. Best of all, I’m getting a much better sleep. No more waking up hot and cold in the middle of the night.

Thanks so much for explaining the system to me and answering all my questions. I would—and will—highly recommend your product.”

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Sleep Well, Live Well.

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Sleep Well, Live Well.

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