Annoying sound, not bad, but needs some improvement

I bought this double unit to help us sleep better. The packaging was awesome, the pad, hoses and connections are surprisingly high quality.
The machines however have a cheap chinese feel to them.
The ironic thing is that this is supposed to make you sleep better, but then they put a bright blue light on top of the unit, which lights up the ceiling. I spent a lot of time upgrading all the bulbs in my house so I’m not looking at blue lights at night. So those blue (cooling indicator) lights are not welcome on my ceiling while i’m trying to sleep.
I could live with the above issues, but the real dealbreaker is the noise. The fans keep ramping up and down, based on cooling demand, and it’s impossible to get used to it. It doesn’t help that when you have two units running one will almost always be at a different speed than the other so they create a unique buzz every few minutes. very annoying.
The bottom line is that instead of sleeping better I slept a lot worse on most nights. I’m tracking my sleep with the Oura ring, so I’m not making that up.
One of the machines developed a problem where it thinks that it has no water in it, while it’s completely full. Have to unplug it to reset the machine and then it works ok.
These will eventually be great cooling/heating pads, but they need some improvement.