Deep Sleep On The Rise

I typically get under 3 hours of deep sleep a night… That was the most until… the Perfect Sleep Pad!

In April, I had 5 nights with deep sleep over 3 hours. That was the most until…the Perfect Sleep Pad!

Since getting my sleep pad 15 days ago…there has been 7 nights of deep sleep over 3 hours!

I have noticed a couple of things in around the nights that I do not get over 3 hours…

  1. Eating late…that has reduced my deep sleep.
  2. Head band…the timing has been important.

I tried doing the head band first for 30 minutes and staying awake for another 30 minutes while the sleeping pad was cooling down. This did not move the needle much with my deep sleep.

What moved the needle was cooling the sleep pad first for 30 minutes, then the head band for 30 minutes, and then straight to bed…that has been the magic formula that has helped with getting over 3 hours of deep sleep.