Does more than the Chilipad

I had tried the Chilipad (Queen w/ dual zones and cubes) which was pretty much a complete failure. Sure, it did cool the mattress, but the fans in the cube were loud and the expelled too much heat for my small bedroom. I would wake up to a room that was 85 degrees. After chatting with their support team, they agreed my room was too small…but others I had talked to said their cubes didn’t put out any heat. I was going to return it and get another one, but good luck! Getting a Chilipad quickly is impossible. Amazon is always out of them and there’s a one month waiting period on the Chilipad web site.
So I decided to return the Chilipad and take a gamble on the Perfect Sleep Pad (“PSP”)…and I’m glad I did.
It actually does more than the Chilipad.
It has a timer that you can set. The Chilipad only turns off the cube after 10 hours. The PSP timer can be used to turn on AND off the units. So you can set it in the morning to come on around your bed time.
It has an “Auto Mode” that let you fall asleep to a cool mattress and gradually warm it up…and vice-versa.
The Perfect Sleep Pad is also a lot quieter than the Chilipad and I no longer hear sounds of a jet engine taking off in the middle of the night. It also doesn’t heat up my room.
The pump has a lower profile so it slides under the bed without any problem.
I also think the interface on the cooling pumps is nicer than the Chilipad. I like how you select a temperature and then press enter to lock it in and get a nice solid feed back sound.
Finally, the queen size/dual zone was $300 cheaper than the Chilipad and works just as well. I do need to set it 2 to 3 degrees lower than the Chilipad, but that’s because the PSP is a little thicker than the Chilipad and a bit more comfortable to lay on.
So that’s my review. If you were trying to decide which one to go with, I highly recommend the Perfect Sleep Pad…and you can probably get one this week. 🙂