My first restful sleep in 10 years!

I have been researching a much needed solution to my overheated nights in bed for a few years now. I have not slept well due to overheating in my bed for years, literally. Nothing I tried really worked well. I sleep with a ceiling fan directly over my bed. I also sleep with only a thin, light bed sheet on top of me. In the summertime I also have the air conditioning in my bedroom on as well as the ceiling fan.

I have seen everything from Bed fans to a variety of cooling pads in stores and on the internet. The one common denominator was the high prices for these items; I didn’t want to purchase something that ultimately didn’t work for me.

I then came across The Sleep perfect Pad. I did my weeks worth of intense research online and the videos and read the testimonials for this product. What sold me was the 1 month (30 Day) money back guarantee, no questions asked.

The company was also offering an additional discount!. Sold!. I talked to the friendly sales dept. and they answered all my questions and concerns and then some!. Also they told me that if anything went wrong they would fix it directly at their factory in Toronto. BTW did I mention that they are a Canadian Company?.

I decided to go with the Queen Size Dual Zone Pad. It arrived the next day after ordering via UPS delivery. The assembly instructions are very easy to follow. If you are more visually inclined they have a wide range of videos on You tube you can view.

My first night I set the 2 units (The Queen System is Dual Zone (2 units) to 19° Celsius which is considered quiet cool. I also put my duvet on the bed to act as an insulator (you need to trap the cool air within the bed) if you do not do this you will not reach maximum effectiveness. I waited 30 mins after turning the units on so that I entered the bed with nice cool sheets.

I slept really well and I DID NOT SWEAT OR OVERHEAT AT ALL. I woke up feeling refreshed and not tired. This was the first morning feeling this way in at least 10 years, LITERALLY!

Throughout the night the controller cycles to work to keep your selected temperature at a constant. There is no click sound or anything that you would notice as this is happening except for the sound of the fan, which again is not very loud.

I woke up around 4am shivering and cold (I set the controller too low) so I adjusted the controller to 20° Celsius andwent back to bed. It was this slight adjustment that is my “sweet spot”  and it very comfortable for me. It may take the average person a few adjustments before you find your ideal temp… Remember this is a learning curve.

The way I would describe to anyone reading this review what its like to get into your bed using this sleep system is akin to getting into your bed on a cool crisp winters night where your bed is very cool. WONDERFUL!.

My first observations was: Wow the bed is actually very cool. The next thing I noticed was the low hum of the fan that cool with controller system that regulates the water to keep your Perfect Sleep pad Cool or Warm. Its not a disturbing sound at all, more like a low white noise sound…. I don’t mind this sound at all.

If you are someone that has to have complete silence when you sleep all I have to say to you is this: what is more important? A good nites sleep with some white noise sound (that you eventually will get used to? Or barely sleeping hot in your bed?.

There are a few annoyances: First off the remote (remotes if you have a dual system) do not come paired with the controller.

You have to go through an annoying and somewhat complicated pairing process. It can be finicky and may not pair the first time. The other annoyance I had was with the remote, it takes 2 AAA batteries that do not come with the controller. You would think the company would supply the buyer of this product with a couple of batteries, especially at this price point.

This brings me to the final annoyance and that is that its overly expensive, its an investment and in some cases will probably cost more then your actual mattress and box spring combination.

People may be wondering about the thin silicone tubing that makes up the inner surface of the sleep pad and if you can feel it while laying on the bed: as you are laying on the bed you DO NOT feel the tubing at all!. I’m a light sleeper so if I don’t notice the tubing neither will you, trust me.

However if you are sitting on the bed and lightly run your hand across the surface of the sleep pad you can feel the thin tubing. The thin medical-grade silicone tubing is very high quality and would take a great deal of stress and abuse to puncture this tubing…. in other words you wont break it.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to get a great night sleep. Its worth the money spent, I just wish that this product was available 10 years ago when I first needed it!.

Perfect Sleep Pad: What an amazing and incredible product that’s for sure!.