I have had the perfect sleep pad

I have had the perfect sleep pad (formerly known as the chili pad) for approximately 6 years and I absolutely love it.  I am a a 53 year old female lawyer who started having hot flashes years ago.  I discovered that my new mattress added to my hot flashes because the new technology of mattresses today result in a lack of breathability and ultimately a very hot bed. My husband was miserable because I had my air conditioning set ridiculously low and my ceiling fan on and he was freezing.  I researched solutions and stumbled on this product.  It seemed expensive but if I could get a good night sleep, it would be worth every penny. I work long hours, have 4 kids and lack of sleep was seriously interfering with my life.   For the past 6 years, I have slept like I did in my youth. I love being under covers so I set the unit very cold and I can cover up.  I have never used my ceiling fan again and my air conditioning bills have lowered more than the cost of the unit over 6 years.  My husband has used the unit to heat his side of the bed since he is the extreme opposite of me. We don’t find the unit loud and have come to enjoy the white noise of the quiet fan.  I have recommended this unit to my friends and colleagues, all of whom have purchased it and love it. My one friend opted for a bedjet and ended up selling it on eBay after trying my perfect sleep pad.   I cannot recommend it strongly enough.  It has been a life saver for me and although people say that is a dramatic statement, lack of sleep is one of the most disruptive factors in a person’s physical and mental well being.  What I tell everyone is this : try it! You have a money back guarantee.  I have not known one person to return it!