I’ve found the customer service to be exceptional and the build quality of the unit the best I’ve found

I’ve been a huge advocate for cold therapy and sleeping cool for years. As a professional athlete, the toolbox of devices we use from altitude tents, compression boots, massage tools and other means to recover and perform better is extensive but I’ve always found simply sleeping with the windows open when it’s cold outside to give me the best nights rest possible. This becomes difficult during the summer especially throughout Europe where AC isn’t as popular. I’ve found taking a cold shower or swimming in a cold river or lake just before bed has given me an incredible night sleep but of course this isn’t always possible and is never something I look forward to even if I know how much better I’ll sleep. The Perfect Sleep Pad has been an absolute game changer for me because all I have to do is push a button and my bed is cool and my sleep is so much better. I don’t think I sleep any longer since using it but I for sure fall asleep quicker. However, the biggest difference is the amount of time spent in deep sleep. I don’t necessarily sleep any more with the Perfect Sleep Pad but the quality of my sleep is massively improved. Since we’re constantly traveling around the world to races and training camps and always in hotel rooms I love that the whole system is compact enough to fit in my carry on luggage. It’s essentially a thin mattress pad and the control unit is roughly the size and weight of a kettle or small shoe box. Set up couldn’t be easier. plug it in, attach the hose, add ~500ml’s of water and push a button. The only downside I find is the unit makes a bit of noise but is just the sound of the small fan, is not too noisy and is consistent and soft, similar to the sound of a white noise machine and isn’t a problem if you use ear plugs. If you use a white noise machine this is the same but I like my room silent. However, I went a step further and ordered additional hosing so I could place the control unit outside the bedroom and problem solved!! I’ve always loved sleeping with my bedroom as cold as possible but this doesn’t always work with another partner or in France in July so this system has been a game changer I’ll never go without. Finally, I’ve found the customer service to be exceptional and the build quality of the unit the best I’ve found. It’s without a doubt better quality sleep, couldn’t be easier to use and is small enough that any time I’m packing my toothbrush, I pack this system as well. A final point is that the system also warms and has various timing programs to adjust the temperature and automatically turn on and off but I only use it to make my bed cool and am fine pushing a button to start and stop it.