Night sweats no more

I’m skeptical about lots of product claims, but this is an absolute MUST if you get night sweats during hot flashes.
The first two nights I was unimpressed and couldn’t feel cool. Because I didn’t fill the unit enough so it didn’t come on.
Note: this is not that quiet, but in time you’ll live with it. And don’t forget to sync the remote. I couldn’t understand why the remote said 60, but the unit displayed 78. I’ve stopped wondering.
OK: after powering on, this beautiful unit got COLD. I LOVE it. I freeze with it but i I’m very happy. I’ve started sleeping through the night. I’ve started dreaming again. I’m not scared to go to bed again worrying that I’ll get up several times to change.
I got the twin size as it was a bit pricey, but it’s adequate for me and I’m 5’7″, 225 lbs.
Do not suffer with night sweats any more.