Perfect Sleep Pad

I have been using my Perfect Sleep Pad (it was actually sold under the name ChiliPad when I bought it) every summer since I purchased it in June 2013.  I don’t use it in the winter (Canadian winters mean that I simply don’t have any real need for it), but I love that it keep me nice and cool in the summer.  Overall, it just provides a much better sleeping experience, and you absolutely don’t feel the tiny silicone tubes that cool you off. In addition, my wife and I no longer argue about the AC at night, and we can thus both sleep at the temperature we each like.
I was initially slightly disappointed when I first got my Perfect Sleep Pad, as I didn’t think it was providing sufficient cooling. However, within the first week of utilization, I realize that turning the unit on about one hour before going to bed and using a slightly thicker duvet (you need some form of insulation to keep the cool air within the bed) made all the difference. I actually had to raise the temperature by a few degrees on the control unit after that, as I was simply getting too cold.