I’m enjoying my Perfect Sleep Pad.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying my Perfect Sleep Pad. My husband and I had been trying to figure out how to keep sharing blankets, but it just wasn’t working. In the winter in particular, he likes a big, heavy duvet, and it was just too warm for me. I liked to sleep with a layer of blankets, so I could put more on or take them off as I got warmer or colder during the night. That wasn’t exactly optimal for him. To be honest, it wasn’t great for me either. Almost every night, I found myself waking up several times to either shed layers or add them.

The Perfect Sleep Pad fixed all of that. Now, I don’t mind sharing a heavy duvet with my husband because I stay cool by setting the temperature I choose. I particularly like being able to turn the unit off and on, change the temperature, and set the operation time remotely, without getting out of bed. Best of all, I’m getting a much better sleep. No more waking up hot and cold in the middle of the night.

Thanks so much for explaining the system to me and answering all my questions. I would—and will—highly recommend your product.”