The Chili cubes never worked as well as The Perfect Sleep Pad

The Chili cubes never worked as well as The Perfect Sleep Pad!

We were so excited to see The Perfect Sleeping Pad on sale online.  Many many years ago we bought a machine that was the first Chili/Pad. It was perfect for me as I have fibromyalgia and have body heat regulation problem along with severe hot flashes. It was perfect! It was comfortable to sleep on kept me cool when needed and and my husband warm in our king sized bed. We vowed to never be without something that worked so perfectly. The Perfect Sleep Pad is that machine with some great add-ons that will really help my back and the attachment for the head looks great for my headaches.

We had been purchasing the cubes after they discontinued the smaller compact unit. Our experience was unfortunately sad. At first it worked but took up a great deal of space and was very tall. It was much more difficult to keep clean and with no window on the side to check water level and cleanliness it became a hassle to have to open it up, add water every two or three days and lift it to the sink to fully empty and clean out. For a lot of people that may not mean much but when you have a busy schedule and/or chronic pain and fatigue it really begins to be a time consuming thing especially at night when you just want to drop in bed, cool down(or warm up) and go to sleep. We ended up purchasing another set I think within two years. The customer service was always great and they tried to work with us but I longed for the original cool/warm pad machine. I even tried to buy a few from them to keep but they no longer sold them. The cubes never worked as well as The Perfect Sleep Pad model. That model always kept me cooler constantly.

I always kept searching for another option when I came across The Perfect Sleep Pad!!! It looked like our old one that was such a workhorse with very little maintenance (when comparing the two). I was so glad to see that it was still around so I immediately bought one