The only heating and cooling sleep solution that truly works

I have spent the last year purchasing and sending back at least six different mattresses, all reviewed by various independent websites as having cooling properties. The frank matter is that all of these mattresses do indeed feel cool for a period of time, generally between 5-15 minutes, but after that, the fact that our bodies are at 98.6 degrees causes the cooling bed to begin to warm up. It’s just natural that our body temperature will prevent the mattress to stay cool for any period of time.

When I found The Perfect Sleep Pad recently, I thought that the logic of this device made complete sense, but after all of the aggravation with all of the beds that we returned, I could only hope that this was the answer to my night sweats and the hot flashes my wife suffered.

Unquestionably, this product does everything it is designed to do, and it does it in a well-designed, thoughtfully integrated system that is capable of holding a given temperature all night long. The unit offers the ability to clean the mattress pad, which also is a major plus. We found that using a cap full of hydrogen peroxide when filling the system with water kept the unit and the water that runs continuously during the night clean. We have also only used distilled water, and although it is suggested, not recommended, I think it would be wise to follow this plan of action.

I do not write reviews very often, but this is one product that I have not purchased one time, but I have purchased another for my second bedroom and additional units for my adult children because I am convinced that this is the only product currently on the market that does what it says it does and more.

As an aside, when I called customer service recently to ask a few additional questions about the unit, it turns out that I was called back by the inventor of the product. I was delighted to learn the back history of the development of the product and the fact that all of the work that was done on the product was based upon sound sleep technology which only added to my knowledge of the product, but also provided me additional understanding of how this product came to be.

While this product might not currently be as well-known as the Chili Pad, I can assure anyone that is trying to make a decision which one to purchase, I would without question purchase The Perfect Sleep Pad. The Chili Pad control unit is taller and the fan noise is not as soothing as the Perfect Sleep Pad. I also believe that the Perfect Sleep Pad is quieter. It also provides the ability to clean the fan exhaust, which will have some dust build up over time where the Chili Pad does not have this feature.

All in all, I am an effusive. multiple purchase buyer of what I feel is the best product for sleep available today. As this review is so positive, I want to make it clear that I only write reviews when a product is demonstrably awful to say away from or demonstrably fantastic, which is what I found with the Perfect Sleep Pad.

Sleep well!