The Perfect Sleep Pad Is Perfectly Awesome!

The Perfect Sleep Pad Is Perfectly Awesome!

I knew that I missed this unit from long ago but didn’t really realize how much. I’m seriously ecstatic to have it again. It just works so well, is so quiet and I love having my little window back to see the water level. It’s the simple things that makes life easier. I was constantly looking at the other brand of cooling machine for refilling then it would be empty in the middle of the night if I didn’t check. This is so so much better. It also is requiring a lot less water and at 70 to 73 degrees I’m comfortable whereas I had to keep pushing the other type of cooling machine down to 55 degrees to get cool enough even after doing deep clean several times.

On the Perfect Sleep Pad I love the new way the elastic is on the pad – it works so much better this way.

We’re looking forward to purchasing a second one and a few of the attachments!

Thanks for making my life easier and for believing in this unit – we will be customers for life!