My wife would return me before returning the Perfect Sleep Pad!

My wife would return me before returning the Perfect Sleep Pad!

Simply Put: This thing works – amazingly well. I rarely write reviews, but I’m impressed with this device and concept enough to post. We have had the dual unit (Queen size) for about two months. My wife has been suffering hot flashes and this has been a godsend for her.
Without overly delving into the technical aspect in essence it functions like a miniature heat pump. It circulates water underneath your body and either extracts heat (when in cooling mode) or extracts cold (when in heating mode) – the water is then circulated to the machine that can either cool or heat the water just like your home heat pump does to freon.

The remote control works very well. When we retire to the bedroom for the evening we hit the “On” button on the remote and set the run time to 10 hours. While we are getting ready for bed the machine cools/heats the mattress surface and about 5 minutes later it is at the desired temperature. Ten hours later it shuts off (run time is adjustable from constant on, down to a couple of hours).

My wife and I are now sleeping through the night – at our on optimum sleep temperature. In my opinion the device does not make excessive noise. There is a fan in the control unit that discharges the heat (when in cooling mode or vice versa) and the sound is akin to a white noise machine. If you are bothered by the sound of a small fan, then you can purchase extension hoses from the manufacturer to place the unit further away from your ears. Personally, we like having a small fan on as it tends to mask other ambient noises.

The capillary tubes in the mattress pad are unnoticeable by us (just a fitted sheet over) do not feel any bumps or ridges – just the bliss of a chilled or heated bed sheet.

The one “negative” if you want to call it that, is the aesthetics of the set-up. While the machine controller is relatively small – it eats up a fair amount of real estate on our respective night stands. I plan to purchase the extension tubes from the manufacturer to extend the controller a bit to its own stand beside our existing night stand, that way the only thing on our night stand is the small remote which we keep in the night stand drawer. Keep in mind, just like your outside heat pump – the controller needs airflow to work so don’t enclose it where it can not exchange heat with the ambient air in the room – if you do then it will not be as efficient and may shut down to the inability to exchange heat/cool with the surrounding air.