Perfect Sleep Pad (Double)

Cooling Pad or Heating Pad – Water Activated Mattress Pad (Double)


✅ Precise temperature control from 55°F (12.78 °C) to 118 °F (47.78 °C) (Wider range temperature than the Chilipad mattress system).

✅ 27.5X more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning.

✅ Free of dangerous EMFs (Electric and Magnetic Fields)and virtually silent while active (40 dBa).

✅ 100% Satisfaction & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Sleeping is the world’s greatest “drug” and not getting enough has detrimental health risks. Our Perfect Sleep Mattress Pad guarantees an increase in sleep quality in the first 30 days or your money back.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is a mattress cooling pad and bed heating system that goes on top of your current mattress. Using a network of microtubes, it circulates water throughout the night, allowing your body to stay comfortable at the same temperature all night long.

This water circulation system allows you to use it as a heating and cooling pad as needed. Creating the perfect environment to fall asleep faster using all-natural remedies and with no downsides or side effects.

Why is your body temperature important while sleeping?

Having the correct temperature allows your body to fall asleep faster and enjoy a rejuvenating deep sleep for longer periods of time. This helps to regulate your thermoregulation system which is strongly linked to the mechanism regulating sleep.

This means that once you have identified your unique temperature for falling asleep, you get increased benefits from the same time sleeping!

If you suffer from hot flashes, or you never seem to find the perfect temperature while you’re in bed you know how hard it is to fall asleep. Especially when air conditioning doesn’t go as low as you need it to… The Perfect Sleep Pad’s water circulating system allows it to stay as low as 55°F (12.78°C) all night long.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is also a bed heating system that allows you to keep warm without the dangerous and disruptive EMFs used in other heating systems like heated blankets.


The Perfect Sleep Pad’s cooling and heating system has a wider temperature range than its competitors, allowing you to choose any temperature ranging from 55°F (12.78°C) to 118°F (47.78°C).

With its remote control, you can choose from a variety of settings and modes to experience deeper sleep right from your bed!

Plus, the water circulation system makes sure the temperature you choose stays consistent all night long, allowing you to “set it and forget it.” With its ultra-quiet motor, you won’t even notice it’s working in the background.

Improve your REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which gives you:

✅  Increased productivity

✅  Improved weight loss and weight management

✅  Reduced stress levels

✅  Detoxification, cleaning the toxins out of your body

✅  Increased mental clarity

✅  To prevent life-threatening diseases

✅  Increase your overall quality of life and lifespan

And much… much more.


Jack Burkle – Professional Road Cyclist

“This is something I always travel with… I find it to be superior to the Chilipad. I get the highest quality sleep with it.”


Nic Lamb – Professional Surfer

“The Perfect Sleep Mattress Pad is a Godsend for me”


Steve “The Dragon” Clagget – Professional Boxer and High Impact Athlete

“I used to be a super light sleeper, but nowadays, I’m sleeping better than ever. The quality of my workouts have improved dramatically, so there’s got to be something to be said about making the most of your nightly recovery.”


Excellent customer service and amazing products that can also be customized for every need. The Perfect Sleep Pad is not only very comfortable, but it gives me the best sleep of my life. Plus it works perfectly with reclining beds too. Every morning, my husband and I wake up feeling refreshed. Before, we did have a lot of comfort and temperature issues, but the Perfect Sleep Pad solved everything. My gosh, it’s just heavenly! Thank you to everyone at the company for taking the time and helping us reach sleep nirvana every night.

-Nicole Sauve


My name is Karen Salsman, and I used to sweat buckets all night long.

I have bought numerous pads that were supposed to cool you down, but they all raised my body temperature just like before.

Discovered via a Facebook advertisement, the website seemed promising and appeared to have potential.

I bought it and I started using it andI couldn’t believe it. All my night sweats disappeared overnight! Truly amazing!

-Karen Salsman


I absolutely love my perfect sleep pad! It makes me sleep better than I ever have in years! I am having dreams and not waking up as frequently during the night. wake up refreshed and energized. I love this product and am very happy with this purchase. Thank you Perfect Sleep Pad for a wonderful product – it really is perfect!



I typically get under 3 hours of deep sleep a night… That was until… the Perfect Sleep Pad!

Since getting my sleep Mattress pad 15 days ago!

What really helped was cooling the sleep Mattress pad first for 30 minutes, then the head band for 30 minutes, and then going to bed…that has been the magic formula that has helped with getting over 3 hours of deep sleep.

-Mark Greenridge



  • The Control Unit (worth $550)
  • Extension Tube (worth $48)
  • Mattress Pad with microtubes (worth $204)
  • Control Remote for the Control Unit



Does it help with insomnia?

Yes, lowering your body temperature helps you fall asleep faster and easier.

Does it help with hot flashes?

Absolutely, it gets as cold 55 °F (12.78 °C) allowing your body to stay cool all night long.

Will the Perfect Sleep Pad automatically maintain the set temperature?

Yes! Whatever temperature you choose will be the same throughout the whole night.

How loud is The Perfect Sleep Pad? 

It’s quiet motor allows it to be virtually silent. It gets as loud as a normal fan (40 dBa).

What’s the best temperature to sleep at?

The perfect temperature for sleeping is different for everyone so we encourage you to test out and find the one that works best for you. We suggest you try the popular temperature range is 60°F (15.56°C) – 67°F (19.44°C)

 Is the Perfect Sleep Pad Eco-friendly?

Yes! In fact, it’s 27.5x times more energy-efficient than air conditioning, releasing less carbon dioxide. It uses a maximum power of 160 watts but usually stays at 80 watts to maintain any temperature all night long.

Do I need a special mattress?

No! You can use it on any old or new mattresses.

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Sleep Well, Live Well.

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Sleep Well, Live Well.

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