Comforting Mattress Pad with Temperature Control for Cancer Patients

Perfect Sleep Pad” is a heated and cooled mattress pad designed to provide enhanced comfort and support during sleep. 

1. Temperature Regulation:

The Perfect Sleep pad is designed to regulate body temperature, which can be particularly useful for cancer patients who may experience fluctuations in body temperature due to treatments or hormonal changes. Perfect Sleep Pad prevents direct contact between the body and the bed, which is important because some mattresses can cause heat build-up and discomfort. The pad takes away excess heat from the body and cools it with circulating water, resulting in better sleep.

2. Comfort and Regulation:

Cancer patients often undergo physical and emotional stress. A comfortable sleep surface can promote relaxation and aid in falling asleep more easily. The heated and cooled mattress pad is a cooling pad and bed heating system that goes on top of your mattress circulating water throughout the night resulting in constant body temperature making it comfortable and relaxing to sleep throughout the night.

3. Improved Sleep Quality: 

Quality rest is crucial for cancer patients to fight off illness and recover faster.

The idea that a loss of 4 hours of sleep will result in a reduction of “killer” blood cells likely refers to natural killer (NK) cells. NK cells are a type of white blood cell that is part of the innate immune system and are responsible for recognizing and destroying infected or cancerous cells. These cells play an important role in immune surveillance and defense against infections and tumors.

Research has shown that sleep deprivation can have various effects on immune function, including a potential decrease in the activity and effectiveness of NK cells.

Maintaining a consistent body temperature throughout the night is vital in avoiding hot flashes and enhancing your quality of sleep. By preventing your body from overheating, you can prevent your brain from shifting to a shallower sleep stage. This is where the Perfect Sleep Pad comes in, offering a rejuvenating experience and an ideal solution for those grappling with temperature issues while sleeping.

4. Enhanced Mood:

 Improved sleep can positively impact mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, which are common among cancer patients.PHOTO OF CONTROL UNIT AND PAD

Customer Reviews

Originally purchased to aid with night sweats but when I received my perfect sleep pad, I was ill and always shivering. Went to bed turned up the temp to 22 degrees using the remote control and I was very comfortable. Since then have turned down to 19 degrees and I am sleeping much better. No more moving covers on and off. Thank you. Jo Roy


I live in Edmonton Alberta, the sleep pad is one of the best thing I have ever owned. It is literally life changing because you can be the one to decide the temperature of the bed you wanna sleep on. I used to wake up from hot flashes because I couldn’t get my bedroom cold enough, not anymore. A good part of our life is sleeping, you might as well do it comfortably like me! Ben Froese