Living Better Podcast – Henry Zeifman & the Perfect Sleep Pad solution

In this episode of the better living podcast, Matt is meeting with Henry Zeifman, the CEO and creator of the perfect sleep pad solution. The Perfect sleep pad is a revolutionary product aimed at improving REM sleep and the quality of it. It is designed to keep your body at a stable and comfortable neutral temperature throughout the night so that you can feel refreshed upon waking up due to an amazing sleep. Matt and Henry will talk about the product but as well on how to improve sleep quality with a few other tricks. If you have been looking for a drastic way to make a game-changing impact on your sleep quality and duration, the Perfect Sleep Pad is an amazing product that is worth every penny. Matt and his wife have been using it for two years with amazing results and as part of this podcast goal, Matt decided to contact the CEO to talk directly with him about this amazing product.

The perfect sleep pad is a Canadian company that offers regulating cooling pad that goes on that of your mattress. No more fighting over the temperature if you are a couple or even having night sweats. This product is amazing and we own our very own dual-zone control sleeping pad. This product has been a game-changer in our sleep quality and duration. And as you know we are big advocates of quality sleep.