Jack Burke, Professional Cyclist and Pro Athlete Provides His Experience With The Perfect Sleep Pad

Jack Burke, professional cyclist and pro athlete provides his input on the Perfect Sleep Pad and how it has become an essential part of his toolkit.

“I’ve been a huge advocate for cold therapy and sleeping cool for years. As a professional athlete, the toolbox of devices we use from altitude tents, compression boots, massage tools and other means to recover and perform better is extensive but I’ve always found simply sleeping with the windows open when it’s cold outside to give me the best nights rest possible. This becomes difficult during the summer especially throughout Europe where AC isn’t as popular. I’ve found taking a cold shower or swimming in a cold river or lake just before bed has given me an incredible night sleep but of course this isn’t always possible and is never something I look forward to even if I know how much better I’ll sleep. The Perfect Sleep Pad has been an absolute game changer for me because all I have to do is push a button and my bed is cool and my sleep is so much better.”

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