Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Slow-Wave Sleep — Here’s Why

We go through four stages of sleep and each have their own function. Stage 3, also known as slow-wave sleep or deep sleep, is one of those stages, and it’s vital for things like muscle and tissue growth, cellular repair, and “cleaning out” the brain.

What happens during Stage 3 sleep?

Stage 3 sleep is known as deep sleep, which focuses on restoring your body.

During deep sleep, your body kicks into repair mode and a number of things happen, including:

Your blood pressure drops

The body promotes muscle growth and repair

Blood flow increases to muscles

Growth hormone is released

Tissue growth and cell repair occurs

Your brain flushes waste

How much deep sleep is required ?

Though the recommended amount of sleep per night is somewhere around eight, hours, we only spend a portion of that time in deep sleep. It is good to aim for 90 minutes of deep sleep but the most important thing is to try not to be interrupted like by temperature fluctuation.

How to get more Stage 3 sleep:

Deep sleep tends to occur more in the first half of the night so having a regular bedtime routine supports good sleep. Also maintaining a steady core body temperature will allow you to stay in deep sleep much longer because it is the change in core body temperature that shifts you from one sleep phase to the next, especially wile going in to deeper sleep phases were your core body is cooling down.

Something like the Perfect Sleep Pad that gives you the perfect temperature for your mattress, by circulating water through the mattress pad at the ideal temperature for how your body is revving, everyone is different, requiring a unique temperature, especially trying to stay in deep sleep phase consecutively. Health Strategies Reform recently wrote on THE BODY TEMPERATURE AND SLEEP DEPRIVATION

The key to good Slow Wave Sleep is thermal regulation.