Blue Light And How It Affects Your Sleep

Humans have been influenced by blue light for as long as they have been on the planet. This short wavelength, high energy light stimulates the brain and promotes alertness during the day. As daylight—and blue light—fades in the evening, it tells the brain that it’s time for bed by releasing the sleep hormone melatonin.

But due to technological advances in the form of television sets, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Americans are exposed to an average of six hours of artificial blue light each day. Blue light too late in the evening can interfere with the circadian rhythm and disrupt sleep.

There’s no need to toss out your devices in order to get a good night’s sleep. Adopting a few strategies can help mitigate the harm caused by blue night, and improve your chances of sleeping peacefully through the night.

The Perfect Sleep Pad can help you achieve deeper sleep and combat the negative effects of blue light. The Perfect Sleep Pad is a heating and cooling pad for your mattress with a precise temperature control system that ranges from 46 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a network of micro tubes, this cooling mattress pad regulates the surface temperature of your mattress by actively circulating water throughout the night. It has been medically proven that sleeping on a cooler surface derived from a sleep pad where a consistent sleep temperature is achieved, can increase the quality of REM sleep, increase melatonin production, help control your circadian rhythm, and lessen the effects of blue light on your sleep.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is available for all mattress sizes: King, Queen, Double, Twin, Twin XL and Single mattresses. Since it uses water circulation, it does not generate an electro magnetic field, which can further disrupt your sleep patterns.

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