Doctor’s Expert Opinion: Don’t Keep Heating On Overnight

Dr Karan Rajan said that there are several reasons why it is not a good idea for the house to be too warm at night including that it can stop people from sleeping well.

The body produces the hormone melatonin when there is a drop in temperature, and it is important as it helps the body to bring on sleep, it also follows the circadian rhythm.

Not only does melatonin increase sleep propensity, but it’s also a hormone that promotes anti-aging.

With winter temperatures finally hitting and the possibility of freezing conditions over the coming weeks, it is normal for people to quickly turn to crank up the central heating.

But it is possible to also overheat the house and especially when it comes to sleeping.

Dr Rajan continued: “Our body’s core temperature needs to drop to initiate sleep.

So a cooler temperature gets you closer to the target sleep temperature of your body, so you fall asleep a lot faster.”

At the same time when it is warmer, the body is working hard to try and bring down the temperature.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is one way of cooling your bed on each side to the ideal temperature .

The pad gently pulls any excess heat away from your body, and into the circulating water, not the mattress.

The pad is controlled by a sensor that is continually monitoring your core body temperature.

The need to cool down your whole house in order to fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer is not required with the Perfect Sleep Pad.

You cool down the mattress only saving a lot of your energy cost while giving you the perfect sleep environment.