Mastering Jet Lag: Restoring a Well-Balanced Sleep Schedule

As we begin to see the light at the end of the COVID pandemic tunnel, people are feeling safer about doing things that used to be natural and frequent — like traveling. In fact, what the media calls “revenge travel” — traveling more to make up for the lack of time on the road during the pandemic — is leading to increased road trips and longer lines at the airport.

Whether you are traveling for the first time in a long time or have consistently been on the road during the past year, you know that jet lag can be a disconcerting speed bump when you travel by air. Known to the scientific community as circadian desynchrony, more than 90% of travelers experience jet lag when they move from one time zone to another, and it can be a real obstacle to physical and mental health at a time when you need to be alert and well-rested.

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