The Best Solution for the Sleep Problems Experienced by Cancer Patients, but Not Only for Them

The Importance Of SLeep

Getting good sleep is essential for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. It also plays a vital role in both preventing illnesses and in enabling the body to cope with an illness, to heal. Sleeping difficulties and the inability to get proper sleep sets up a vicious circle.

The body starts to develop illnesses because sleeping problems prevent it from relaxing and weaken it. The weakened body is unable to recover from the illness because of the sleep problems.

The Importance Of Sleep For Cancer Patients

Sleeping difficulties are very common among cancer patients. They are about twice as likely to suffer from insomnia as those who don’t have cancer. Around 80% of the patients who would need all their strength to be able to fight the disease suffer from chronic insomnia or fragmented sleep.

In cancer patients, sleep disorders are a by product of many factors. These include the physical changes due to surgery or the side effects of cancer treatments and medications. In some cases, patients find it difficult to fall asleep or they wake up after very short periods of superficial sleep. In other cases, the patients wake up because of hot flashes or nightmares.

Whatever the cause, improper sleep is almost always associated with fluctuating body temperatures. A solution such as the Perfect Sleep Pad, that can provide effective thermoregulation, can give cancer patients the good night’s rest that’s essential for their recovery.

The Perfect Sleep Pad alleviates sleep difficulties

The Perfect Sleep Pad And Alleviating Sleep Difficulties In Cancer Patients

The Perfect Sleep Pad has been invented to improve sleep by improving comfort and by regulating body temperature. It is useful to anyone with sleep difficulties. Most especial among these are patients suffering from night sweats and hot flashes associated with cancer treatment.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is placed between the sheet and the mattress, preventing direct contact between the body and the mattress. The materials used in most conventional mattresses, such as Visco Foam, Memory Foam, Polyurethane or Latex tend to accumulate the heat. They then reflect it back, further increasing discomfort.

This pad directs the heat away from the body and pulls it into the circulating water. This water flows through the control unit which actively cools it. The effect is the maintenance of a constant body temperature.

With the Perfect Sleep Pad mattress topper, cooling functions are just as efficient as the heating. When the pad is turned on, its special control unit with computer control will hold the temperature that works best for the user. It then syncs the water circulated in the tubes inside the pad with the user’s ideal body temperature.

Keeping the temperature of the body even all night long not only prevents hot flashes, but also prolongs deep sleep. By preventing the body from heating up, the pad prevents the brain from switching to a lighter sleeping phase. This makes sleeping on the Perfect Sleep Pad really refreshing and the ideal solution for sleeping difficulties.