Sleep – A Potent, Yet Often Underrated Medicine and a Tool to Release Its Potential

A health-conscious style of living means proper, balanced diet, possibly aided by carefully selected nutrition supplements and regular exercise. However, besides diet and exercise, the healthy functioning of the human body relies on one more pillar. This is is proper and refreshing sleep. Let us delve into how to sleep better to ensure proper health.

Sleep is very essential for feeling alert during the day. Additionally, it is great for overall health. Our body works hard during the day. While we are running errands, we are performing at the top of our capacities. The same applies when we are at the workplace and when we are working out.

How Sleep Patterns Influence Health and Factors that Influence Your Patterns

To better understand the importance of sleep, we need to look at the phenomenon called the circadian rhythm. This is the biological clock that ticks inside any of us. It regulates the succession of periods of alertness and sleepiness.

The circle follows the natural cycle of light and dark. This makes it responsible for providing sufficient time for the entire body recover and regenerate. Sleep also allows for the brain to detoxify itself.

The time that the body needs to feel really refreshed the following day is different for each of us. It is, however, generally true that humans need around 8 hours of sleep. This should be in an environment that is as free of disruptions as possible.

Undisturbed sleep is possible only in darkness and in silence. It should be in a space that is free from electromagnetic radiation (or gets as little as possible). There should also be no pulsating or continuous lights.

how to sleep better in darkness

What else hampers sleep?

Another important, but often disregarded aspect that can interfere with sleep is temperature. Ambient temperature as well as the body’s internal temperature plays a very important role in eliciting proper sleep response.

The temperature of the body starts decreasing slowly in the afternoon to create the perfect internal environment for falling asleep. It continues to decrease during the night to induce deep sleep. After reaching its lowest, the body’s temperature starts increasing slowly to facilitate waking up.

Whenever the temperatures that are too high or too low, they interrupt the process. The body reacts by waking up, and disturbing your rest.

These disturbances can take various forms. These range from difficulties falling or staying asleep to breathing issues such as snoring or apnea. Hot flashes, night sweats and bad dreams also impede limit your time spent in a REM state.

While not all of them are caused by rooms that are too warm, many of them are improved when the temperature of the environment is set to ideal levels.

Innovative Technology: How to Sleep Better With a Cooling Mattress Pad

The understanding of the importance of proper body temperature regulation during sleep is beneficial. It has led to the development of an innovative technology in the form of the Perfect Sleep Pad™. This is a mattress topper that efficiently controls and adjusts the sleeper’s body temperature.

With this mattress topper, heating and cooling functions are put in the service of keeping the temperature of the body optimal for deep and refreshing sleep. The Perfect Sleep Pad uses a water-based system to sync with the temperature of the body, to identify ideal temperature ranges and to maintain them during the night.

The water inside the topper flows through tubes that are connected to a computer controlled unit that makes sure the body stays sufficiently cool. The temperature of the water in the mattress topper ranges from 46°F to 118°F.

How is this mattress pad useful?

You can choose your ideal temperature through one-degree increments using the hand-held control unit placed near the bed.

This offers a solution for anyone suffering from sleep disturbances due to improper ambient and body temperatures. This includes not only for couples with different temperature preferences, but athletes, ladies suffering from menopausal hot flashes. This also includes cancer patients who can suffer from temperature-related sleep disturbances caused by their medication and treatment.

peaceful sleep

The Perfect Sleep Pad is an excellent way to help the body get refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. This in turn helps it to sufficiently recover from the stress caused by daily activities.

If you have been paying attention to maintaining a properly balanced diet and you have been exercising regularly, it is time to start paying attention to the third pillar of healthy life and longevity: proper sleep. Now you can easily do so with the help of our innovative Sleep Pad.

Renita Rietz is a nutrition and health writer and an advocate of healthy lifestyle who promotes disease prevention and health regeneration through methods that deploy the potentials of phytotherapy and other innovative approaches.