Is Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress Too Hot? Here’s Why!

Memory foam mattresses are all the rage today, with dozens of companies running those ads saying ‘ours is the only mattress you’ll ever need’. Surely you’ve seen them, but are they right?

Are they they ONLY mattress you’ll ever need? Well, probably not.

That’s because most of these mattresses, (yes, even the tempurpedic ones) aren’t actually that good at regulating your body temperature when you sleep.

Perfect Sleep Pad

They might advertise themselves as ‘temperature friendly’ or ‘temperature regulator’ mattresses, but the reality is they don’t really do that effectively.

Not even close.

And that’s why you’re seeing masses of people posting online that they’re getting TOO HOT sleeping on their Tempur-Pedic mattresses they’ve just spent thousands of dollars on! So what’s going on? Well, first we need to look at the basics, let’s start with the mattress itself..

A tempurpedic mattress is actually the brand name of a mattress company that make high quality mattresses. They’re advertised as being the perfect mattress, and being an improvement on the standard memory foam mattress that thousands of companies seem to produce now.

You see, memory foam mattresses are great, and they feel comfortable at first, but they react to your body temperature. This means if you’re sweating, they absorb that sweat and don’t really work to cool you down. they actually retain more heat the softer they are, and the heavier you are.

The problem with most memory foam mattresses (even Tempur-Pedic ones), is that lots of people (really, it’s lots) are complaining and saying that they’re overheating and just either too hot or too cold to sleep properly!

Perfect Sleep Pad

Lots of people also report not waking feeling rested, due to not having a complete continuous sleep. The reason for that is they’re being interrupted in the middle of the sleep because their body temperature fluctuates too much. They’re either getting too hot, or too cold during the night.

This means they’re not very good at maintaining your body temperature through the night while you sleep. Now, why is that important?

Sleep is a magical topic. There are dozens of things you can do to improve your sleep such as using pillow spray, meditating beforehand, keeping a dream journal, or even having a warm bath. But one of the BIGGEST and most effective things you can do to improve sleep is..

Maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night.

Human beings are what’s known as ‘endotherms’, meaning we can automatically change or regulate our body temperature.

We do this through sweating, shivering and various other methods. We can even generate heat through a process known as ‘thermoregulation’. This process uses calories, and happens most of the day and night (except during Rem sleep, but we’ll get to that).

Perfect Sleep Pad

Going back to sleep, here’s how sleep works. As you first fall asleep, your body and core temperature (the temperature of your organs and blood etc) is fairly warm. This is because you’ve been running around all day in a heated house, wearing clothes etc.

The body can’t fall asleep when it’s too hot. What happens to every one of us at night, is our bodies automatically try and lower your bodies temperature over time as you fall asleep. This happens all the way up to the point when you’re in deep sleep and REM sleep, where your body is at it’s coldest (Interestingly though, your BRAIN is actually warmer during this period!).

This cold temperature helps with various things in the body, but is’ fragile. There was a study ( conducted, which showed that a change of body temperature during deep sleep of just ONE DEGREE massively impacted sleep quality. It’s that important.

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Specifically though, your body actually stops ‘thermoregulating’ during REM sleep (where most dreams happen). So for these periods of REM sleep which occur several times a night, your body (and therefore sleep QUALITY) are entirely at the mercy of your bedroom, and your mattress.

One of the biggest problems and sort of ‘paradoxes’ with modern mattresses, is that memory foam mattresses store heat. The softer a mattress is (therefore, the more comfortable it is) the more it retains heat! So there is a tradeoff between being comfortable, and being good at helping you sleep properly. Often people mistake a comfortable mattress for a good mattress.

And the thing is, if there’s not the perfect temperature all the way through the night, your sleep quality falls off a cliff.

Often, you’ll even wake up as a result or have a nightmare! So how do we perfectly regulate body temperature throughout the whole night, and not just in NREM sleep (non REM sleep)?

Enter the ‘Perfect Sleep Pad’. This is something which can make a huge difference to not only your sleep quality, but your overall life, health, and well being.

We’ve spoken about how body temperature really does need to be regulated throughout the whole night. Comfortable memory foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic tend to get too hot. This makes your sleep quality suffer, but there is an answer.

The Perfect Sleep Pad

Imagine if there was a ‘plug-in’ device that could fit on top of ANY mattress, even the comfortable overheating memory foam ones, and regulate body temperature all night long.

This is cutting edge. Our device lets you regulate temperature all night long with water jets running underneath your bed sheet. As a result, you experience:

  • Longer REM sleep (so more chance of vivid, or even lucid dreams)
  • Better sleep quality
  • Being able to fall asleep faster
  • No more hot flashes
Perfect Sleep Pad

As well as other indirect benefits like healing faster, recovering faster from training and many other benefits. It’s a game changer because nothing else out there can actually detect and regulate body temperature throughout the night.

It works by pumping water through tiny micro tubes underneath your body. These tubes of water are heated or cooled to the exact temperature they need to be to ensure perfect sleep.

Perfect Sleep Pad

It’s like air conditioning directly underneath your body, except it’s more effective, and cheaper than running air conditioning every night (by a landslide).

With The Perfect Sleep Pad, you can still use that soft comfortable memory foam mattress, but you won’t overheat. You won’t get too cold. You’ll just have the perfect night’s sleep, every night.

What if my partner is too hot and I’m too cold?

One of the most common problems relating to sleep quality, is people who sleep with their partner. The common complaint is ‘my partner’s always too hot and that makes me too hot’. Or the other way round, where people are woken up by accidentally touching their partners ice cold arms during the night.

Our Perfect Sleep Pad can regulate temperature on BOTH sides of the mattress separately. This means your partner can have a cool bed and you can have a warm one. If your partner gets too cold, their side will heat up slowly, while yours remains constant and cool!

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